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A new digital powered laser instrument system

Discover the benefits of our advanced gas measurement system
  • Realtime 1 e1489585672215
    Real-time monitoring

    Get real-time data for effective process control
  • Highprecision e1489585689219
    Precision and repeatability

    Achieve stable performance for long-term measurement missions
  • Tracable e1489585632841
    Traceable metrology

    Ensure traceability of chemical measurements in critical areas
  • Dynamicrange e1489585707425
    Sensitivity and range

    Detect a broad variety of gases down to ppb-level concentrations
  • Costeffective e1489585724902
    Cost effective

    Cost of ownership optimized and competitive
  • Low maintance

    lower maintenance demand

The infrared spectrum and gas moleculars

Spectrum 1024x410

How It Works

  • 1

    System structure

    Pa principle
  • 2

    Instrument enclosure

  • 3

    Spectra from the scan


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